Deciding on Thickness and Material:

3/8” AR500 Designed to handle magnum handguns and rifles up to 308, also great for 223/5.56, 5.45×39, 7.62×39 and similar. These targets will handle rugged everyday handgun use associated with clubs and training.

1/2” AR500 Designed for rugged daily rifle use, including 300 and 338 magnum rifles

Deciding on Gong vs. Static:

The static targets are perfect for handguns and short action rifle calibers. The static targets allows for faster follow up shots as the target stops swinging much faster than a gong target. When mounted in our stand the target may be shot repeatedly without waiting. This is particularly beneficial when practicing double taps. .

The gong targets work well for long action and magnum caliber rifles. These targets also work well for magnum handguns. The stand on which the target is mounted is designed to withstand heavy use.

Caution: Bullet fragments may come towards the shooter and spectators.  All persons in the area must have ear and eye protection.  Bullet fragments may cause harm to shooters, spectators and objects near the target.

Shooting at steel targets can be dangerous and caution must be taken to ensure safety. Use steel targets at your own risk.